A non-ferrous foundry and specialist engineers, using copper-based alloys, aluminium and white metal alloys for the supply and machining of castings.


In 2007 Brass Founders Sheffield incorporated J T Barkers & Sons whose products now compliment our range.


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Quarrying and Mining

Brass Founders Sheffield manufactures a wide range of components for the quarry and mining industry.
Products include:



Brass Founders Sheffield have a long tradition of supplying components to the marine industry, these include pump housings, impellors, stern tubes, brass thimbles for rope slings, bearings, flukes, shackles, glands and seals. All castings are produced in copper based alloys, aluminium alloys, with iron and steel castings also available. Brass Founders is approved by Lloyds Register for the manufacture of propellers.





Oil & Gas




Bronze Street Furniture (link through to street furniture page) is being increasingly specified in towns and cities due to its hard wearing properties and attractiveness. Brass Founders Sheffield is a leader in the manufacture of bronze street furniture with recent contract awards from London's Leicester Square and Sheffield City Council.



Working with designers, artists, specifiers or non-trade, Brass Founders Sheffield will work with the client to manufacture a casting into a finished product of artistic merit.

Plaques are a special way to mark an occasion and/or to provide the perfect tribute. A variety of shapes and sizes can be cast to include photos and Braille.