Other Examples

Brass Founders Sheffield will strive to cast whatever the customer wishes.

Brass Founders has a long tradition of producing high quality decorative castings for the homes of nobility and Royal Palaces. Many of our castings are used in restoration projects or where no ‘off the shelf' product can be sourced.

Examples include:

  • Bespoke brass bells
  • Solid brass fire dogs
  • Pendant lighting rings & attachments 
  • Finger plates
  • Door handles
  • Floor plates 
  • Decorative floor grilles in bronzes, aluminium, brass.
  • Heating, drainage and ventilation Grilles
  • Military insignias 
  • Ornate lamps
  • Chaise longue
  • Bronze domes for Mosques

Case Study

Bronze Cast Face Project

During 2008 Brass Founders Sheffield was commissioned to manufacture a life size bronze cast face from a mould produced by the artist.

Below shows a movie clip from the artist posted on YouTube showing the full process undertaken: