White Metal Lining

Brass Founders white metal department caters for heavy and light industry for white metal casting, white metal bearing lining / relining and lead castings. Brass Founders Sheffield specialise in white metal lining of the virtually lead free Tegostar 738 material.

Tegostar 738

Tegostar 738 is a bearing metal based on tin without lead, cadmium, nickel and arsenic. The alloy fulfils the current environmental requirements and possesses, furthermore, optimum technical properties for static and dynamic loads.

In addition Tegostar has a reduced plastic deformation characteristic (strain in creep). It is this combination that makes the improved properties of the material usable to a larger extent. Tegostar 738 is a higher-quality replacement for Tego V738, Tegotenax S, Tego HM07 and standard alloys.


Advantages of Tegostar 738 white metal lining:

  • Maximum compressive strength
  • Highly reduced creep characteristics
  • Longer services life
  • Increased load-bearing capacity
  • High impact strength
  • Universal application
  • Environmentally compatible alloy


White Metal Specifications include:

  • Tegostar 738
  • BS3332 1987 / A, C, E & G
  • BS334 1982 / C
  • BS3332 1961 grade 4 & 6
  • SAE 13


Brass Founders are specialists in white metal lining and relining repairs / refurbishments.

White metal repairs to heritage locomotives/ steam engines as well as power station turbine equipment is a speciality.

Please contact us to discuss your white metal requirements.